Yikes, iPhone

How much do  I have to learn to catch up with the 2000s.  I’ll just have my students update this page!!!

New sessions beginning the last week of January.

Cockadoodle moo — the first kindermusik class I ever took.   My now 13 year old Plays on his violin songs that my current class, Do si do is dancing to.   My kids are playing Bach, Brahms, Flight of the Bumblebee …. And they heard them all as infants and toddlers in kindermusik, remarkable stuff.

Away we go for the toddler set will have us playing as cars, steamrollers, trains And reciting Shony Dina.

Monday’s our time class is full.  Wednesday’s has 1 space.

To make the “imagine that” class make  we need two more families.

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