What to do with an infant? a toddler? a preschooler? SING of course!

Kindermusik answers all those questions with music. Sing, dance, roll, giggle, shake it, baby won’t break it!

Just today, a dancing 18 month old followed the pattern of a dance we have been doing for 7 weeks so beautifully, her grandmother, who brings her to class said they dance the “tuba” song quite a bit.

Yesterday, siblings I taught when they were the babies, came to their younger brothers’ and sisters’ class and used their baby siblings as drums, in a nice way of course. One told the younger, “Here, shake the egg like this.” Of course they followed their big sibling!

Each week, new activities, new advice from folks whom become your friends, new instruments to play. Fun and learning, and they don’t even know all the parts of their brains that are waking up as soon as you turn on the music or start singing a song, but Kindermusik does and uses that information in their development of their curriculum.

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