What to do … No Kindermusik 2/20/12

So what could you do while missing a day with Kindermusik …. Find the trains in your house and sing “This is a choo choo train .. Puffing down the track” … Move it forward and back … You could do this with real trains, boxes, your own bodies, cheerio snacks, grapes ..

What else? Make your own banjo out of a cereal box, paper towel tubes. Doesn’t take much time, but will be played with greatly as you sing “strumming on the old banjo”

Hum Farmer in the Dell … March as you hum it the first time, swoop as you hum it again, twist as you hum it again, then Do it all over again … Or come up with your own motions.

Find the balls in your house, ours has sooooo many .. Talk about how big, squishy, hard, small, bouncy, tasty (cause you know they are going to taste it).

Play your CDs or iPods with your Kindermusik tunes, move around for that 45 minutes that we usually would be working out and playing together.

See you next week.

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