SIXTEEN Returning families!

September 14th, 2011

What a great start to the Kindermusik year … 2 classes bursting at the seams with vivacious youngsters and moms and nannies with energy to match the little ones.

I’ve got  many returning families … either from just last year, or some from additions they created for their families JUST so they could get back into my class I bet!

Returning familiesSEVEN in Our Time on Monday alone … a prize should be awarded YES!

THREE in Village on Monday!!!  TWO on Tuesday (One’s big sister did KM w/ me the first year I was teaching when she was the only one in the class! She’s in K now!)

Tuesday’s Our Time — FOUR returning families!!

Had to create a Wednesday class … they are all new … but ONE did KM with an older sibling in a place far far away.  (Nashville I think or was it Charleston?)

Come join the festivities … Monday Our Time (Wiggles & Giggles) (( 18 mo – 3 1/2)  is FULL! Wednesday is the next frontier to fill!

Both Baby classes .. Village .. 0 – 18 mo have spaces left (4 Monday, 6 Tuesday).

Music on Wednesday (instead of Thursdays!)

September 9th, 2011

I’ve found more demand for a Wednesday class to be added instead of a Thursday … so Wednesday it’ll be.

New class added WEDNESDAYS, 9:30 am.

My assistant Anna ... ready to distribute signs. Want one for your yard????

New Our Time Session Added!!! Tuesday is FULL!

September 3rd, 2011

Adding a Thursday session of Our Time … 9:30.  Tuesday is full, closed, capped, and Monday could take ONE more and then it’s full, closed, capped.  So GOOD NEWS, Thursday morning 9:30 has been opened.

I crouch down low .... my wings are ready ... moving faster .. steady steady!

Our Time classes get them up and moving to songs and chants.  They are rhyming, moving, and sometimes FLYING.

See you there.

Thanks to Momma T for these  photos, all from her cool iphone.

FREE Open House (houses) 8/31 & 9/1

August 28th, 2011

I’ll host a FREE Open House this Wednesday … 10:30 at Larchmont United Methodist Church.  Get your kindermusik fix before classes start in September.  Also, bring along friends to register too!  I’ll have some prizes and goodies.

15 families could fit into that room … we’ll be a little tight, but it’ll work.  I’ll cut it off at 15 and sploosh over to Thursday if necessary … or you may want to come Thursday instead.

Thursday at 9:30 as I have to teach at STPCS after that!

RSVP to me!

They think I play beautifully ... it's just twinkle, but they are spell bound!

New Babies … Kindermusik in the womb!

August 28th, 2011

Congratulations to our new baby brothers and sister … 4 Kindermusik little girls welcomed siblings … wonder if any have asked if they need to be returned yet!

Eleanor is the most experienced, as her baby sister, Marianne,  is 3 month old now, Kelsey has baby brother Henry, Ava has baby brother Claude Edward, Lexi has baby brother Budlong … haven’t heard his wonderful new name.  A new village class is created right there!

It’s our time to sing together.

August 23rd, 2011

My own kindermusik brought up girls are outside practicing their violin!!!  It’s in my quality world picture!

Singing with little ones and their caregivers … dancing … twirling …. standing on my head (my only party trick) … quacking …. clapping (in case those other ideas seemed tooooooo silly) just being, that’s what it is all about.

Why kindermusik?

Social time —  theirs (and yours)

Musical time — crucial for their optimal development (there is research to support this!)

Surviving car trips — ask my current mommies!

Physical time — their gross motor and fine motor (your gym day .. ask my current mommies)

Intellectual time — memorizing songs, finger plays, stories

Anytime — pop in the CD, sing the songs to entertain or soothe!

Hello Fiddle Dee Dee, Hickory Dickory, Cities, see you in 2 years Milk & cookies, zoom buggy, Hello Weather!

January 14th, 2011

Packing away this fall semester’s kits, makes me sad … a marking of time in the lives of little ones for whom 16 weeks is 1/2 their existence, or 1/4 of their existence or an 1/8, a 1/16.  As adults (the fractions are too small) but for the babies and toddlers in our classes, they are manageable.  WOW!

Come along and dance with me & other like minded folks who find joy in making the day go more smoothly with song, dance, cajoling, caroling, jumps that gradually become 2 feet off the ground.  (and off the sofa)

We watch milestones, sitting up for the first time, shaking the stick to see if it rattles too like the shaker sticks, falling & having mommy to comfort & having a song to distract and dry the tears.  Tools for our daily journey with these little people. 24 hours is a LONG time.

I remember my first night as a mom in the hospital, a baby was crying and being brought down the hall to be comforted.  I thought to myself, “Would someone please quiet that baby, I’m trying to sleep, delivery was rough enough, and now I’m awakened by someone’s crying baby!”  Well, the nurse turned that baby into MY ROOM!  I had to do something to get that baby to stop.

Thankfully, I succeeded that night.  But those first weeks of a new born and the isolation were soooo long.  I only could remember Amazing Grace, only a few verses (out of order I’m sure).  Thankfully, a friend told me about her Kindermusik classes, & I joined her one day.  I was hooked.

Each of my 4 children took kindermusik,  we still sing the songs, as I am going through each curriculum as a teacher, the songs stay in my head and I sing them at home.  The kids join in (with creative lyrics now that they are older).  It’s been a gift.  And an answer to “would someone please get that baby to stop crying!”

Join us.

Fiddle Dee Dee, Hickory Dickory, In the City!

January 2nd, 2011

Perhaps a new year’s resolution should be to update the web site weekly.  Too lofty, how about once a month!  So much goes on in our Kindermusik classes, plenty of fun anecdotes, heavy lifting, spins and grins.  Excellent dancing!

One little one carries her mom’s Ipad around and listens repeatedly repeatedly repeatedly to the Zoom Buggy music.  So much so, that even when we switched to our next 8 week unit in the Village classes, I throw in a Zoom buggy just so she knows she’s come to the right place!  She even has her own sign language for music, clapping hands and pointing to the radio.  Actually, I don’t think she even points to the radio unless you do not acknowledge her sign.  Amazing little creatures!

Many moms have told me the music has saved their car rides.  Hearing the same CD repeatedly does not bother the little ones at all.  It’s a security blanket of sorts.  As adults, we grow weary of it, but how did we learn to talk and sing?  Someone else played the same things over and over for us.  Boredom is a learned word and behavior.  It shoud be a 4 letter word!!!!

Nothing is done by accident

September 9th, 2010

Can you plant a cabbage seed?  (pretend dig with your right hand)

Just like this, just like this … (pretend cover up the seed with your left hand)

Can you plant a cabbage seed with your elbow (pretend dig with your right elbow)

Just like this, just like this (pretend cover it up with your left hand)

Cross laterals a kindermusik favorite … for engaging both sides of the brain!  

All the songs we sing, dances we do, while fun and entertaining (and a work out for mommies and daddies and nannies and grammas), are done with the littles in mind and their growth.  

You thought your were just getting out of the house!

That time again!

September 9th, 2010

Our family hasn’t slept in our own beds 6 nights in a row this summer, and we’re don’t aim to stop yet, but we’re home for a quick spell & the kids are doing violin camp in Chesapeake!  I do think that their kindermusik exposure makes some of their violining easier, especially getting songs into their heads & just finding them on their violins!  I’ve even learned “O Susannah” … from a fiddler that has played with Charlie Daniels!

School will begin again in 21 short days, so I have home work to get done … kindermusik schedules, book reports, math problems, dinner to make …

Let me know what fun your family has had this summer.  We’ll sing about it.  August 30 starts our first classes!  Do have some changes, Mondays instead of Wednesdays.  If we’ve got folks that need Wednesdays, we’ll see what we can do.  St. Patricks changed a schedule this year & I tend to be flexible.  

Look for a park day the week of August 23 – 27.  We’ll play and visit & perhaps sing a few songs.  I’ll let you know!