At 7 weeks old, little babies have enjoyed Kindermusik

February 7th, 2013

Granted, this little one was sleeping some of those first classes with me, but now she is heading off to Kindergarten …. her mom had to nearly shake me to make me realize … kindergarten. My oh my, now I teach her brother, who last week was clapping along in a song when he heard the word clap …’

SO truly, he has been in Kindermusik classes since he was created! Pretty cool.

Another cool tidbit, in talking with a mom whose little one struggles with Sensory Processing, a therapy for Sensory Processing is crawling to allow input from 4 sensory places on our bodies …. WELL, WALK ALONG ROVER that we sing in class and pretend we are dogs for satisfies that need in little ones, as does the rolling over that is part of that song! These types of activities in the curriculum of Kindermusik are research based for all to benefit from.

Come along and dance with us, weekly at Kindermusik.

What to do with an infant? a toddler? a preschooler? SING of course!

January 22nd, 2013

Kindermusik answers all those questions with music. Sing, dance, roll, giggle, shake it, baby won’t break it!

Just today, a dancing 18 month old followed the pattern of a dance we have been doing for 7 weeks so beautifully, her grandmother, who brings her to class said they dance the “tuba” song quite a bit.

Yesterday, siblings I taught when they were the babies, came to their younger brothers’ and sisters’ class and used their baby siblings as drums, in a nice way of course. One told the younger, “Here, shake the egg like this.” Of course they followed their big sibling!

Each week, new activities, new advice from folks whom become your friends, new instruments to play. Fun and learning, and they don’t even know all the parts of their brains that are waking up as soon as you turn on the music or start singing a song, but Kindermusik does and uses that information in their development of their curriculum.

Babies Love kindermusik … it’s good for them, just like veggies!

September 5th, 2012

Maybe that is why veggie tales is such a hit …

Fussy babies can be soothed with a common song that they know and love … research proves it, anecdotal research supports it …

Baby starts fussing, what do you do? start singing whatever comes to mind …. “if you like it, then you better put a ring on it …” or ” I’m your or oar oaurs” or twinkle twinkle little star or …. whistle baby whistle baby (though I am a little disturbed to have my own children singing that one right now)

Kindermusik has a stash of songs ready for you too, each week in class we sing, dance, drum, chant, pat and somewhere in the deep depths of their sweet little baby brains (toddlers too), the music speaks to them and soothes them.

You are not alone and kindermusik can help!!!!

Music education is good for your baby (and makes you happy too!)

August 31st, 2012

Baby smiles are the best, most heart melting smiles (even Patrick Dempsey can’t beat em). Singing with and to your little critter then having them grin their toothless grins back to you, what could be better.

Kindermusik provides the tunes, some of the ones your mom and dad knew too (their mom and dads too!). During class we also give tips for calming, tips for enriching, tips for surviving your time with an infant. Cause admit it, not all of it is Patrick Dempsey smiles and Kindermusik wants to help you with it all!

Oh where or where has my singing voice gone????

August 31st, 2012

So, my wonderful friends … I happily welcomed my voice back to normal about 2 weeks ago after a sinus infection’s antibiotic healed my singing voice that has been compromised since last spring! But alas, this monday, it has disappeared again. So classes will be delayed for the week of Sept. 4 & 5.

I hope the prednisone will fix the vocal chords and we will be back in business on the 10th, 11th & 12th.

What to do … No Kindermusik 2/20/12

February 19th, 2012

So what could you do while missing a day with Kindermusik …. Find the trains in your house and sing “This is a choo choo train .. Puffing down the track” … Move it forward and back … You could do this with real trains, boxes, your own bodies, cheerio snacks, grapes ..

What else? Make your own banjo out of a cereal box, paper towel tubes. Doesn’t take much time, but will be played with greatly as you sing “strumming on the old banjo”

Hum Farmer in the Dell … March as you hum it the first time, swoop as you hum it again, twist as you hum it again, then Do it all over again … Or come up with your own motions.

Find the balls in your house, ours has sooooo many .. Talk about how big, squishy, hard, small, bouncy, tasty (cause you know they are going to taste it).

Play your CDs or iPods with your Kindermusik tunes, move around for that 45 minutes that we usually would be working out and playing together.

See you next week.

Evenstart & Kindermusik

February 16th, 2012

The Norfolk Public Library invited me to be their “professional” yesterday during their 1, 2, 3, Grow with Me program. (don’t they know I have outstanding library fines). (( I snuck by them with my head bowed low.))

The 1, 2, 3 program was held at the JANAF branch library and participants in the city’s Evenstart program were the audience. I chatted with the teachers of the program and with the participants. Evenstart holds classes for mothers of children 0 – 7 years old.  Mothers and the children come to school each day until 2:30. While the mothers take classes, GED prep, job training, parenting, resume writing, caregivers play and take care of the babies and children.  I asked the ages of the mothers … ranges from 16 – 45 they joked.  A couple of the mothers couldn’t have been 20 yet.  All the Evenstart participants were of minority groups, I was the lone caucasian in the room.  The ladies welcomed me in, the librarian supervisor was so pleased to have a break from singing Wheels on the Bus.

My task was to chat about how music is important to child development.  Some of the children (and moms) were shy, others were not.  So, I pointed out the Kindermusik Brain poster ( which is such an amazing piece of information … I am into that brain research stuff ).  Told a little about myself (and just as you are now as I type this … starting to loose interest ), I launched  into “Let’s sing hello hello, let’s sing hello hello … heigh ho the derrio .. let’s sing hello hello.” (I can read my audience pretty well.)

We clapped, bounced, jumped, peeked, wiggled hello …. big fun.

Borrowing from the Cock a doodle Moo curriculum, we marched, swooped and twisted with scarves all about the room. Watching a couple of the young moms dancing to the music … my weekly moms, we’ve got some moves to be learning!!

Being Valentine’s week, I taught them “Love somebody, yes I do” and I blabbered on about how it is important to cross the midline with both hands making an X, blah blah blah I went ...but what was the best part …. the little one that snuggled into my lap to have me make that hugging X across her little body. She’s the same one who came in clinging to her mommy. The physical touch  that was being poured out among the caregivers or moms “slithered” (I choose that verb because the motions seemed to catch on, then the words and then the actions all coupled together seemed to move in a slithering action) around the room.   I looked up to see the teachers and care givers (without little ones in their arms at the moment) carrying on the motions too. Hope they will use that song in their classes.

After doing our lap bounces of “Hop up my baby” three in a row … and getting everyone sweaty, I finished with our “Goodbye Goodbye … ”  But I am finding myself not wanting to say goodbye to these folks.  Feeling compelled to see if they’ll let me come to their school and sing with them again.  I’d really love to learn some of those dance moves!

I guess I feel that way everytime I do a music class … I know that the brain research supports that music education increases school performance, and I know that children just like to be moving and having fun.  Sometimes that looks crazy to the outside eye,  but learning is happening in all of those interactions.  Blah Blah Blah ….


Dinosaur invades farmyard

February 14th, 2012

While cockadoodle moo is supposed to be a class devoted to Farm yard animals, we were invaded by a tiny adorable dinosaur today … As we played with scarves then the chime balls, we all couldn’t stop giggling as one little critter practiced his Dino”roar”. If I were quicker thinking, I would have had us sing old macdonald had a farm … And along with the pigs, ducks and dogs, a Dino would have joined us.

Sessions starting strong

January 24th, 2012

Four new families have joined our Kindermusik fun! Will you be number five, six or seven? There’s a few more spaces available.

Yikes, iPhone

December 31st, 2011

How much do  I have to learn to catch up with the 2000s.  I’ll just have my students update this page!!!

New sessions beginning the last week of January.

Cockadoodle moo — the first kindermusik class I ever took.   My now 13 year old Plays on his violin songs that my current class, Do si do is dancing to.   My kids are playing Bach, Brahms, Flight of the Bumblebee …. And they heard them all as infants and toddlers in kindermusik, remarkable stuff.

Away we go for the toddler set will have us playing as cars, steamrollers, trains And reciting Shony Dina.

Monday’s our time class is full.  Wednesday’s has 1 space.

To make the “imagine that” class make  we need two more families.