Music and movement for the under 5 set

We want to go to school too. The big kids are all heading off to school, the littles want to go as well. Bring them to Kindermusik weekly, the home work is actually home fun. Play the CDs you get in class as part of your home materials. Read the books too.

Each week Mrs. McPhillips will guide you through songs and dances designed by Kindermusik International to enhance your youngster’s inborn love of music and desire for learning. Mrs. McPhillips, me, will show you how to use music as a soother of savage beasts at the witching hour, will assist in keeping riding in the car pleasant (without having to use the DVD player, just the CD player), will make diaper changing time easier with teaching the art of distraction with a song, will listen to you as you do the hardest job there is to do on the planet and will introduce you to people who are walking the same path you are walking.

What do you and your little one get? 2 CDs, books, instruments, guidance, companionship, playtime, friendship, songs that you’ll hear in your head all day and memories caught in pictures, in your mind and in your heart.

Classes are divided into age groupings, Village – (0-18 mo), Our Time (18 mo – 3), Imagine That (3 1/2 – 5).  We can make it work for multiple kiddos in a family, usually having the younger sibling come up to the next level.  Discounts are offered for more than one sibling enrolled at a time.

For eight years, I’ve been priviledged to teach so many children.  The oldest of those critters have begun 4th grade this year.  Thank you for trusting me. I’m looking forward to making more memories with more little ones this year.  So exciting to begin again.

I crouch down low .... my wings are ready ... moving faster .. steady steady!

I crouch down low …. my wings are ready … moving faster .. steady steady!

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