Babies Love kindermusik … it’s good for them, just like veggies!

Maybe that is why veggie tales is such a hit …

Fussy babies can be soothed with a common song that they know and love … research proves it, anecdotal research supports it …

Baby starts fussing, what do you do? start singing whatever comes to mind …. “if you like it, then you better put a ring on it …” or ” I’m your or oar oaurs” or twinkle twinkle little star or …. whistle baby whistle baby (though I am a little disturbed to have my own children singing that one right now)

Kindermusik has a stash of songs ready for you too, each week in class we sing, dance, drum, chant, pat and somewhere in the deep depths of their sweet little baby brains (toddlers too), the music speaks to them and soothes them.

You are not alone and kindermusik can help!!!!

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