At 7 weeks old, little babies have enjoyed Kindermusik

Granted, this little one was sleeping some of those first classes with me, but now she is heading off to Kindergarten …. her mom had to nearly shake me to make me realize … kindergarten. My oh my, now I teach her brother, who last week was clapping along in a song when he heard the word clap …’

SO truly, he has been in Kindermusik classes since he was created! Pretty cool.

Another cool tidbit, in talking with a mom whose little one struggles with Sensory Processing, a therapy for Sensory Processing is crawling to allow input from 4 sensory places on our bodies …. WELL, WALK ALONG ROVER that we sing in class and pretend we are dogs for satisfies that need in little ones, as does the rolling over that is part of that song! These types of activities in the curriculum of Kindermusik are research based for all to benefit from.

Come along and dance with us, weekly at Kindermusik.

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